Southpaw Kitchen Philosophy 

We at Southpaw Kitchen believe that every experience in the kitchen should be an enriching, relaxed, and enjoyable adventure. Through personalized and goal oriented classes, we offer the unique opportunity of gathering family and friends into your home kitchen for hands-on epicurean adventures with the guidance of your own personal chef.


No matter what the occasion, we'll help you build a foundation of culinary knowledge and skills that will make your time in the kitchen rewarding and fun.  Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, let our skilled Chef help demystify the kitchen and set you on an empowering journey.  


Let’s take the chore out of cooking and make it an experience, let’s ‘Change Your Plate’.  

Chef Dave Potash

Founder and Chef, Dave Potash, brings over 25 years of restaurant and private chef experience into your kitchen. His love and respect for many cuisines, their histories, and ingredients stem from his varied restaurant and global travel experiences. His skills, creativity, and love of teaching turn an ordinary cooking experience into a creative and memorable adventure.  He is adaptable, organized, and approaches food with a sense of refined rusticity.

Socially Conscious efforts

“SPK will donate a percentage of each cooking class booking to support local, community programs and bring an increased social awareness to entrepreneurial endeavors.”  Currently, we are working with San Francisco based CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness Throgh Employment in Foodservice).   


Local. Social. Conscious.

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