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Private Chef

A Private

Chef That is Right for You


Searching for the most compatible private chef starts with finding a reliable agency that understands your priorities and the needs of your family.

Our network of chefs have worked with a wide range of dietary requirements, tastes, and trends. Having a private chef is about more than just convenience, it’s about exploration.

Allow us at Southpaw Kitchen to help find you a private chef that can help you discover new ways to interpret your favorite cuisine. Our chefs have mastered the tried and true recipes you crave as well as the latest in food culture trends.

When you start searching for a private chef near me, you want to make sure you’ve found someone who is more than just a master of the culinary arts. You want a chef that has a deeper understanding of your dietary needs. A chef that understands your particular diet and situation is a chef that will be able to help you and your family have delicious meals while still satisfying your dietary requirements

If you’ve been looking to get more out of your experience with a private chef, get in touch with us today. We represent the best talent in our community and we can connect you with a private chef that not truly understands the cuisine you love, while fitting into your private home and your lifestyle.

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