We work diligently to match you with the most compatible Chef candidates based on the specific needs of you & your family. 

The choice to hire a Chef is a valuable decision that can add ease and comfort to your busy life.

 While our Chef candidates culinary talents are very important we also value their character, trustworthiness, and ability to adapt and fit into your home and lifestyle.

We are here to help answer your questions and guide you through the possibilities of what hiring a Chef can mean for you.  Trust that we conduct a personalized and customized search for your Chef based on all the small details that are important to you, your family, and your lifestyle.


What our clients are saying...

"Changed Our Lives"

"Working with Southpaw Kitchen has helped us relieve so much time related stress and has enriched our lives. We now have  much needed valuable family time and  get to enjoy so many types of amazing cuisines from our own home".

-C. and T.  from San Francisco, CA

"Exceptional Service"

"Beyond attentive and professional - Dave and the team at Southpaw Kitchen not only met all of our specific-personalized needs, they had the unique ability to make us feel like we hadn't any needs at all"

-P.B. from Saratoga, CA

"Amazing Food"

"Our family is still amazed everyday with the quality of food, creativeness, and attention to detail our Chef brings into our home.  It's like going out to a different restaurant every night.  A perfect match! Thank you Southpaw Kitchen"...

-H. from Palo Alto, CA

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